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Core competencies


a. Professional Project Management

With our expertise in project management we are able to determine and implement the exact needs of the client.


In order to meet the key deliverables of cost, time, quality and client satisfaction we



b. Quality

AMJ Construction Ltd is committed to delivering a quality end product and providing our clients with a superior service throughout the construction process.


We can demonstrate our ability to consistently meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements plus enhance customer satisfaction and continually improve our systems.  We work closely and collaboratively with our clients and suppliers throughout project to set objectives and targets and ensure client expectations are met.


In order to achieve these objectives, we ensure that all employees & sub-contractors


  1. Understand the client's requirements.
  2. Are responsible and accountable for the quality of service and quality of work
  3. Quality procedures are clearly documented and recorded


We work to meeting the ISO quality standards and constantly identify and implement improvements to existing working practices.



c. Cost Control

AMJ Construction Ltd - we demonstrate our commitment to your project with a detailed and fully costed tender that highlights any areas for further discussion with the aim of preventing any hidden cost. The focus of project control is on fulfilling the design plans, identifying and communicating any deviations. Our experience enables us to recommend alternatives and highlight improvements and cost savings.


As the project progresses any additional work is immediately recognised and openly communicated to the client and a route of progress agreed.   A financial review is held at regular stages of the project so all parties all fully aware of how costs are being tracked and managed.



d. Health & Safety

AMJ Construction Ltd has an excellent health & safety record and takes a pro-active approach focussing on risk avoidance with excellent planning, training and detailed vetting of all sub-contractors.


We aim to maintain a safe working culture through:


We are accredited with CHAS (Construction Health and Safety) and SafeContractor



e. Environmental

AMJ Construction Ltd is aware of the potential environmental impact from any development/construction project and as such has Site Waste Management Plans for all projects aiming to minimise waste and, where possible use environmentally suitable materials and processes and look for opportunities to reuse material and waste. We endeavour to provide separation of waste, to minimize land fill.